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Monday Was The Darkest Day in Seattle Since 2006

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Image: Matthew Rutledge

Remember when we were all complaining about how it hadn't rained in Seattle? Those were the days. Now we're wondering when the rain might give us a brief respite. If you've been feeling like it's been extra gloomy this gloomy season, you are literally correct. According to Cliff Mass, Monday, December 7 was the darkest December day in Seattle in nearly 9 years. That stat actually comes from UW research meteorologist Mark Albright, who measured 0.44 MJ/m2 (mega Joules per square meter) on Monday, the lowest amount since December 14, 2006. No surprise that the thick cloud cover combined with relentless rain led to the increased gloom around the region. Don't be surprised if things stay the same for a while as we're officially having an above-average rainfall for the region. Considering how things started this year, that's a bit crazy.
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