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Alex Alben's Mediterranean-Inspired Home Yours For $2.9M

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In 2002 and 2004, Alex Alben wanted your vote to become a member of the United States House of Representatives. In 2015, all he wants is $2.99M. Of course, you get something out of that deal. You get a Mediterranean villa-inspired 4-BR home in Harrison/Denny Blaine. The former RealNetworks VP has live here since 2006 when he purchased it for $3.8M and he's seemingly been trying to sell it ever since. On and off the market since 2007, he's willing to walk away with a lot less. The 1928 home still looks worth it. The red-tile roof, Spanish tile floors and leaded windows evoke that Mediterranean feel while a Clive Christian kitchen, complete with a farmhouse sink and marble counters, brings some casual modernity into the mix. Plus, if you feel like you can't make the payment yourself, there's a second master suite for your new roommate.

· 180 Lake Washington Blvd E [Redfin]
· Alex Alben [Wikipedia]