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Hit the Gym, Wine Cellar or Pool Room in This Kirkland 4-BR

How about a house that has so many different rooms that using every one once would take you at least a day? A piece of Kirkland's waterfront just came onto the market for $2,695,000. It has the standard complement of rooms: 4 bedrooms and 3 baths; but, that's not enough to fill the rest of the 4,700 square feet or your time. There's also a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, billiards room, and gym - and then there's a six-car garage and the possibility of moorage. If the house doesn't keep you entertained, the property is bracketed by Kirkland and Juanitia, with the lake and views of the mountains. Enjoy the view or visit the shore. Or maybe actually use one of those fairly typical rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, and baths (though that one shower stall with the black and white tile isn't all that typical and neither is the bathtub in the bedroom, so, scratch that).

· 1330 8th St W [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath