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$2M Leschi Condo For When You Want a Home as Big as Your Boat

Let's say you've got three cars and two yachts and you need a place to park them; or, you hope to have that much but you're waiting until you find the right place. That sounds like a waterfront house with an enormous garage. Over in Leschi you'll find a condo that gives you that, as well as 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2,808 square feet for $2,050,000. It may not be a house, but it might be the right home - at least for your vehicles. Condo is usually code for no lawn but not here. There's enough lawn for an airstrip for a flock of geese. Inside it's what you expect from Northwest luxury: good wood, enough decorative elements for style but not so much to be ostentatious, the requisite brand name appliances and trendy materials for countertops and baths, and lots of windows. The circular staircase is a nice touch.

· 300 Lakeside Ave S [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath