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Run Away to Your Own San Juan Bed & Breakfast For $1.5M

Ah, the romance of running away to the islands for a bit of an indulgence and serenity. But if you do that you only get to enjoy it for a few days at a time. Here's another idea; buy your own bed & breakfast. Wildwood Manor on San Juan Island is for sale, asking $1,475,000 for 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and 4,216 square feet of Queen Anne-style. You could keep it all to yourself. Just because it is a business now doesn't mean you have to run it as one. All 4,216 square feet can be yours. The house and the 9.23 acres make for a sanctuary, and maybe you need a bit of recuperation that will take more than a couple of nights. It might make most sense to run it as a business, unless you can buy it and retire there. The San Juans are known for having "bring-your-own-income" economies. Either be rich, a full-time telecommuter, or making money from the tourist trade - or some combination of the three. Living on the islands is a big draw, but being able to stay there for more than a few nights takes a bit more work.

· Wildwood Manor [WWMBnB]
· 5335 Roche Harbor Rd [CB]
Written by Tom Trimbath