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Cornerspotter: It's 15th Avenue & Mercer Street

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the location of a still-standing brick apartment building. Reader Keith nailed it: 15th Ave E and E Mercer St in Capitol Hill.

Before image: Seattle Municipal Archives. After: Google Maps. The current home of Canterbury Ale House and the Fredonia Apartments, despite standing through multiple, dramatic changes to Capitol Hill, hasn't seen the same rapid turnaround as many buildings in the area. Capitol Hill Food Shoppe also enjoyed multiple decades on 15th and Mercer; photos show the establishment on that same corner even back in the '30s. The Canterbury moved in during the '70s and has stayed there, at least in name and basic outer decor concept, ever since.

Other photos appear to show a Gaslight Cafe occupying the corner spot in the late '60s. Any readers have stories?