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Facebook Likes New Seattle Office Designed By Frank Gehry

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Image: Dexter Station

Facebook is updating it's status in Seattle. The social media company is expanding and moving from it's current office in Metropolitan Park East tower to a 274,000 square-foot office in the upcoming Dexter Station building at 1101 Dexter Ave. The deal includes an option to lease an additional 62,000 square feet and sees the company completing the move in early 2016. Sparing no expense, the office interiors will be designed by architect Frank Gehry, known locally for his EMP Museum design. According to Facebook Seattle head honcho Paul Carduner, the move "gives us enough space for the next few years to grow to 2,000 employees." The move also puts them in prime location within walking distance to Amazon, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many other local heavy-hitters.
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