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The Bill The Butcher House is Back and Asking $500K More

Considering how long it's been on the market and the curious tale of it's former owner, we'd recognize this sheep-adorned house anywhere. The 5-BR at 812 W Galer recently re-listed at $2.75M, which caught our eye. It's notable because we're so used to seeing it listed for $2.25M, a whole $500K less. On and off the market a bunch of times since 2011, the house became the centerpiece of a local scandal last year when it was revealed Bill The Butcher CEO J'Amy Owens used "hundreds of thousands" of the company's money to help buy the home as the butcher shop was hemorrhaging profits. New owners took over in October and clearly they think there's more value to the Queen Anne property that comes with a "tower" apartment and authentic Japanese tea house.

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