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Chance to Live in Discovery Park's Historic Fort Lawton Residences Coming Soon

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Image: Wonderlane

Seattle residents have been flocking to Discovery Park for years, wondering what was to become of the 26 Colonial Revival residences leftover from Fort Lawton on the hill overlooking Puget Sound. The answer appears to be that they will be lived in once again, though this time it won't require you to join the army first. Via PSBJ, an affidavit filed with King County last week shows that Rise Properties Trust has paid $9.5M for the historic homes, which they will refurbish and put on the open market. Work on the Homes at Fort Lawton project, which will have to take into consideration the residences' place on the National Register of Historic Places, will begin this summer. The buildings currently range from 2-BR duplexes to mansions. The gem of the lot is the General's House, a 6K sq. ft., six-room residence. More than a million troops passed through the fort between 1900 and the 1970's when it was given to the city and formed the basis for Discovery Park.
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