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Behold, The Most Coordinated Home on Bainbridge Island

Kudos to Looney Listings for noticing this Bainbridge Island home asking $2.925M, though considering it's been on the market for since 2013, we're not sure how everyone missed it until now. We mean that quite literally, how did we miss those coordinated wallpaper/upholstery combos? Not to mention the floral coordination going on in the kitchen right down to the counter trim, the plaid-ization of the office and the pink-ification of that living room. All of this is located on a six-acre waterfront estate and includes a guest cottage, boat house, tennis court, pool & pool house. The pool doesn't appear to have a floral floor, which, you a little disappointing.
· 16213 Agatewood Rd NE, Bainbridge Island [Redfin]

Waterfront Park

1401 Alaskan Way, , WA 98101 Visit Website