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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Broadmoor Home Makes $1M Profit

Listed for: $1.89M
Received: $2.3M
Size: 3-BR, 2.5 bath, 3,499 sq. ft.
Location: 1645 Shenandoah Dr E, Broadmoor
The Skinny: This John C. O'Brien-built Broadmoor home was originally intended to recapture the feel of Canlis. Architect Colin Brandt and Dyna Contracting later came in and turned the place into the midcentury modern it was meant to be. Now it's time for a new owner to step in and remake it for themselves. The sellers are walking away with a nice profit, having bought the home for just over $1.4M in 2008.

Listed for: $1.695M
Received: $1.605M
Size: 5-BR, 4-bath, 3,983 sq. ft.
Location: 6220 36th Ave NW, Sunset Hill
The Skinny: From architect Dave Biddle and Sage Homes Northwest comes this new modern build in Sunset Hill. Perched in a great spot, it takes full advantage of the views available and looks like one of the cozier moderns we've seen in a while. Only $90K off the original ask.

Listed for: $1M
Received: $905K
Size: 4-BE, 2.75 bath, 3,410 sq. ft.
Location: 2918 W McGraw St, Magnolia
The Skinny: This Magnolia view home has been in constant motion, it seems. Sold for $950K in 2010, it took a hit in 2012 with a $765K sale. Back on the market in September, it cut $50K off the initial ask and then accept an offer for $45K less than that. What strikes us most about the place are the ornate and luxurious bathrooms. Maybe that's the issue.