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Cornerspotted: It's James Street and Terry Ave

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the location of a now-defunct minimart and laundromat. Reader Kalakalot got this: Terry Ave and James St.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps There's a 76 station where the small grocery stood in 1962 — and the laundromat's location is, as of 2009, home to several medical facilities thanks to the Ninth and Jefferson Building. The structure houses, among other tenants, the King County Medical Examiner.

The white building towering over the corner is not so towering anymore by comparison, but it's still around as either Harborview Tower or the 600 9th Avenue apartments, depending on whether you go by the awning or the property's website. The steeple peeking over the hill is, of course, Trinity Parish, standing at the same spot since 1892 despite both a fire and an earthquake.