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Lillie Pad: Whimsical Lake Union Houseboat Asks $139K

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Before you buy a houseboat, you should at least know it's name. Meet Lillie, a 568 sq. ft. 1-BR floating in Lake Union off of 2542 Westlake Ave N that's on the market asking $139K. Micro-living and houseboat-living merge within the 36' x 12' v-style hull of this ship which offers enough comforts to call itself a home without forgetting it's a boat first and foremost. Cabinet handles are made of rope, living room chairs are actually deck chairs and door handles are horn cleats. Want whimsy? Step through the portal that leads to the bedroom. There's enough room for a queen-size bed, which goes right next to a warped window frame that overlooks the "neighborhood." Heads up, the boat is "not in a liveaboard slip" so you'll have to find a new place for it once you buy it. It takes a certain kind of person to want to call Lillie home (especially once you've seen the toilet setup). Question is, is that person you?

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