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Capitol Hill Studio Shows Small Doesn't Have to Mean Cramped

Six years ago, Suki Kwon saw a 1920's building in Capitol Hill and ventured inside. A 450 sq. ft. condo inside soon became her home and she set about turning it into a quirky gem that's since been featured on Apartment Therapy and elsewhere. Featuring a full size bed, living room, full kitchen & breakfast nook, the space has been transformed by details and knick-knacks from "used goods stores, Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, and garage sales." Thanks to clean placement of geometrically-shaped furniture, it's a nice example of how small doesn't have to mean cramped. Want this cozy space for you own? It's currently listed on Rebls, which allows you to reach out directly and make your case. At the very least, find out where to get one of those old-timey telephone toilet roll holders.

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