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Seattle's Coolest Short-Term Tiny Rentals: Yurts, Treehouses & Wagons

So, Micro Week has piqued your interests in tiny living, but, you're not quite ready to commit. That's understandable. Deciding to live in a 300 sq. ft. (or smaller) space isn't the kind of thing you want to rush into. So here's an idea: why not do a short-term rental to see how you like it? Thanks to places like Airbnb, there are tons of tiny home or micr-living rentals available all throughout the year. Why not take one for a test-drive? See if the idea of living in a house so tiny that the bathtub rests under a door in the floor works in reality. We've looked at the coolest cottages & cabins as well as the most colorful boats & houseboats. What's left is a mishmash of unique retreats, including yurts, treehouses and wagons. Let's explore!

Sacred Groves (Bainbridge Island)

At Sacred Groves, you'll find not one but two guest yurts, each with a double bed and a couch that serves as a comfy second bed and a table & chairs. Guests are also welcome to use the kitchen and living room in the beautiful Round House on the property. The yurts are located in the midst of a ten-acre forest sanctuary on Bainbridge, making it a magical retreat from nearby Seattle.

Skyriverhaven (Skykomish)

Just off Highway 2 in the small settlement of Green Water Meadows, you'll find Barb's Skyriverhaven. Once there, you enter through the clematis archway to find a sturdy stairway leading up to the little tree house yurt settled 12-feet up in three Douglas Fir trees overlooking Skykomish River. Barb is the bonus here. Your host offers a Yoga/Tai Chi experience on her deck at sunrise or sunset as well as hot meals.

Cozy Treehouse (Capitol Hill)

A treehouse? In North Capitol Hill? Now we've heard of everything. The space includes a full bath, small kitchen, warm gas stove and breakfast nook as well as a full-size bed in the loft.

Handcrafted Gypsy Wagon With Heart (Interbay)

Custom-made from birch, douglas fir & cedar and featuring hand-made stained glass windows, this adorable tiny guest house is much warmer than you think. Electric heat will keep you cozy whether you're in the upper or lower bunk. Keep that garden area nice and green and use the bathroom in the house, please.

Micro Gypsy Wagon (Interbay)

On the same lot as the Gypsy Wagon, you'll find this 70 x 60 micro wagon. Because the Gypsy Wagon was just too much space for you. Named the Spruce Kaboose, consider this a tiny bedroom on wheels. Cause it literally is.

Airstream Retreat with 2-BR House (Ballard)

This listing sleeps six but you'll be drawing straws to see who gets the coolest bed. The house is 700 sq. ft. and includes a sleeping loft up top. But it's the 200+ sq. ft. Airstream trailer in the backyard that seals the deal. Camp out without camping out.

Airstream in Heart of the City (Queen Anne)

Glamp in the shadow of the Space Needle (kinda). This brand-new, 25-foot Airstream comes complete with a queen-size bed, full kitchen, two wide-screen TVs and Bluetooth. At this point, it sounds a lot more like "Urbamping."

Octagon Treehouse (Whidbey Island)

On Whidbey Island you'll find this 250 sq. ft. octagon treehouse with a cedar tree going straight up through the center of it. You'll have to walk up a 13-foot staircase to get there but if that's no problem, a special forest retreat awaits. The accommodations fit four but that doesn't include the 'resident' deer, owls, ravens, eagles and other birds you'll see.
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