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Tiny Waterfront Cabin on Hood Canal Down to $215K

Call it a getaway. Maybe it is a runaway, as in, run away from the city and never return. What it is, is a tiny house in Brinnon on Hood Canal. Do you want waterfront? Great! How about getting it for only $215,000? That may be tough to find in Seattle; but, take a drive that includes a ferry, or maybe sail yourself to the property. What you'll find is a 432 square foot cabin that would probably be called a studio in town. It has everything you need, except perhaps anything that walls off the eating, living, and sleeping spaces. But hey, that's a tiny house.

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Written by Tom Trimbath (whose house is an enormous 864 sq ft)

Waterfront Park

1401 Alaskan Way, , WA 98101 Visit Website