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Get Almost Off The Grid in a Tiny Cabin in Ravensdale

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Chances are, when this house was built it was off-the-grid; of course, there wasn't much of a grid in 1929, so being off it was the norm outside the city limits. Even after all these years, the 450 square foot house is still only in the five digit range, $99,500 - before taxes. The listing is even humble enough to not claim the loft as a bedroom, though they do take credit for the bath. Lots of tinies mark a one for both, regardless of the concessions due to size. It is a simple listing for a simple house for a simple life, and a ridiculous commute. Ravensdale is out there, at least from Seattle's perspective. The commute would be about an hour, in good traffic. Imagine what it was like in 1929. And, if you telecommute, who cares about the drive? Maybe you're glad enough for the short trip to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. If you want to disconnect from the grid, you're just returning to this house's roots. The heat source is a wood stove. They're not just for backup or ambience. The water source is the creek, pumped then filtered at the house. The house is wired for electricity. Maybe solar will help, but check the effectiveness against the 90 inches of annual rainfall. Ah, but that's just another source of water. Outside you have about 0.45 acres for gardening, projects and space. There's a lot to work with, even with a tiny house.

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Written by Tom Trimbath (whose house is an enormous 864 sq ft)