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Meet the Tiny House Builders: Rainier Yurts

Tiny homes are a big trend, as Micro Week shows. They are an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. Many people are building their own; but, some astute companies are stepping in and building them for people who don't have the time or desire to pull together the tools, materials, and work space.

Round is the way to go, or at least was for a long time for many nomadic people. Yurts have been around for centuries, and a local company has continued the tradition. Rainier Yurts builds what we've called the original mobile home. Houses are wheels are fine, but how about a house you can knock down, drag behind a horse, and set up in only a few hours? Even minimalists can learn from a design that is fabric and a framework, and not much else.

Eagle is their model that has full size windows (84 x 50 inches) and doors, something the Mongols would've appreciated. The walls are almost 8 feet tall. Pick one of seven sizes from 16 feet to 33 feet, which is 197 square feet to 855 square feet, and a price range from $8,260 to $18,890 - and up, of course.

Raven is a lot like a basic version of the Eagle, doesn't have as many options, and has a lower price. Yurt sizing starts at 16 feet and goes to 30 feet, which is 197 square feet to 731 square feet, but with a price range of $5,985 to $10,710; but hey, if you want to spend more, they have ways you can do that. Maybe a bit of insulation would be nice. They have that too, for a fee.

Sparrow is for the person that wants a tiny yurt. It is only 12 feet or 14 feet in diameter which is about 110 square feet to 150 square feet, a size that fits right in with the tinies on wheels. Making it small and simple makes it easier for one person to handle, and what's more minimal than that? Pricing would be handy, but we'll let you work out the price sheet they provide.

Canvas Cottage is for those that realize that the rectangular version of a yurt is called a tent. Give it enough support, work in some doors and windows, and you end up with something far closer to housing for a luxury safari and far removed from a pup tent. Prices, well, you'll just have to ask; but fabric typically costs a lot less than wood.
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Written by Tom Trimbath (whose house is an enormous 864 sq ft)