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New Pics & New Price for Remodeled View Ridge 4-BR

That View Ridge 4-BR with the bendy back deck is back on the market and this time it's bringing a new price and new pics with it. Originally asking $893K, it's come down a bit to $859K. Also looks like they've done a re-staging and the effect is clear. The new photos show off each room clearly without losing the sense of space and mid-century appeal. And just to make sure we know what you see is what you get, they make sure to note "no Photoshop pix the flame is real!" The listing also notes that the laundry room views a koi pond. Does YOUR laundry room view a koi pond? Didn't think so...

· 6620 57th Ave NE [Estately]
· Choose Your Angles Well When Looking at This View Ridge 4-BR [CS]