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Seattle Architect Robert Reichert's Home Asking $549K

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When most people think of architect Robert Reichert, they think of the Egan House, which was Seattle's first foray into the world of expressive modernism. Some of the same characteristics from that home also show up in the 2-BR house at 2500 3rd Ave W in Queen Anne, which Reichert built for himself and his mother in 1954. The most striking similarity is the original shed-roof massing, which has a strong influence on many of the rooms inside. An upstairs office nook feels much more like it's own closed-in space rather than an open one. The house's tall form also had a practical reason. Reichert installed an organ and needed height for the instrument's pipes that rose from the music room. He considered the home itself such a form of self-expression that the original black & white patterned exterior, which included bold graphics, stood out sharply from the surrounding houses in the neighborhood. So much so that years later it was unfortunately painted over so that the home would fall back into lockstep with it's neighbors. Asking $549K, the 1,400 sq. ft. house remains a Seattle architectural document worth preserving, even if it's merely a shell of it's former self.

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