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$392K North Capitol Hill Condo Has Personality to Spare

"Be neighbs with Macklemore." So begins the listing for this 695 sq. ft. 1-BR condo in North Capitol Hill that's on the market asking $392K. The self-proclaimed Volunteer Park pied-à-terre certainly looks the part of a trendy Seattle hideaway worth getting to know. Even if you take away the eclectic furnishings, you still get exposed brick walls, a modern kitchen, cozy loft space, 11-foot ceilings and a view deck. "Walk-around-naked privacy," too, if that's something you want to take advantage of. You also get exclusive access to private rooftop deck and sauna as well as usage of a secret second bathroom in the basement. No surprise, the place has creative vibes, as it's the former home of artist Cassandria Blackmore and author Isaac Marion. It's hard to deny there's something going on in here, now's the time to check it out for yourself.
· 1508 10th Ave E Unit 404 [Windermere]