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Spring Remains Best Time to List Your Home in Seattle, Barely

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As general thinking goes, the best time to list your home is the spring. Redfin decided to put that idea to the test. Here in Seattle, they looked at homes listed over the past five years, how likely they were to sell above list price and how likely they were to go under contract within 30 days. While they had high hopes of busting the myth, they ended up basically confirming conventional wisdom that waiting until spring is indeed the way to go. However, they did find that the difference between seasons was minimal. Redfin found that 18% of Seattle area homes listed in the spring and 16% listed in the winter went under contract within 30 days. Summer and fall both trailed at 14%. Meanwhile, 45% of homes sold for above list price in the spring, compared to 42% in the winter and 41% in both summer and fall.
· Should I Wait Until Spring to List My Home? Not Necessarily [Redfin]


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