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Massive $5.8M Clyde Hill Home Built For the Views

Meet the 22nd most-expensive home on the King County market. This 8,000 sf contemporary Clyde Hill home checks in with an ask of $5.8M and backs it up with sheer size and amenities. Built in 2009, the owners are hoping to make good on their investment after purchasing the property for $2.6M in 2007. Boasting natural wood tones throughout, the designed is meant to get the very best view out of each room. From upstairs, there's a great view that balances the green nearby and the Seattle skyline far away. The master suite faces the same way and makes for hell of a sunset view. It's an even better view from the huge shower or bath, because, well, everything's better in either of them. Better bring a whole lot of wine with you as well, that's a big cellar to fill.

· 9001 NE 14th Street [Windermere]