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UW Architecture School Quonset Hut Now a $246K Home

In 1948, the University of Washington Architectural School designed & built a Quonset hut as a case study for their students. Once a staple of World War II architecture, that project is now a quirky purple 2-BR home on the market for just $246K. You don't get too many views this like, with the cantilevered window and clear cedar framing. With a semicircular cross-sectional roof, you almost feel like you're living in a luxury tent in some spots. In others, however, it feels like your average home, complete with a family room, office area and large bonus room/bedroom. Outside, there's lot of leftovers from the architecture case study that you claim as your own, including a shop, greenhouse and a big garden space. Located in Earlington, close to Tukwila, the home is situated on a 15,900 sf lot, so you've got plenty of room to keep the case study going.

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