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Let Your Horse Play With the Ducks in the Sunny San Juans

Forget about trying to squeeze every amenity into a lot that's barely bigger than the house. Start with 31.87 acres for $1,695,000, then see what you can fit in. The historic Kulu Farm is for sale, which is much more than a house with some bedrooms (3) and baths (2, sort of) with 2,781 square feet. It's a farm with a house that dates back to 1900. So, of course, there are real outbuildings, like a barn; paddocks for horses; ponds for ducks and geese, whether you want them or not; and a very clear idea of what will and won't grow there. The sod covered house is partly sunken and probably new. Living roofs are in, and for good reasons like insulation, water management, and because they look a lot better than unsustainable cedar or shiny metal. Sink it about halfway and the windows are still above ground, but the heating and cooling are eased by tons of earth. Considering the winds in the islands, it's probably quieter in there, too. The main house dates back to 1900, so maybe the farm is even older. It has the classic farmhouse look, two stories with a peaked roof, a wide wrap-around porch, a solarium, and it's painted red. Inside, the rooms are well-lit from extensive windows, the kitchen is open and well-equipped, and the layout is for comforting the occupants more than impressing the guests. It looks to be designed for low-tech living, like a large library and lots of reading nooks.

· 652 No. 2 Schoolhouse Rd, San Juan [CB]
Written by Tom Trimbath