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12 Reasons This Opulent Clyde Hill Estate Can Ask $6.99M

How do you know the 5-BR, 4.75-bath, 13,060 sf. estate at 1364 91st Ave NE in Clyde Hill is fancy enough to command a $6.99M price tag?

1. Not one but two granite lions greeting you out front.
2. Upon entering, you find yourself in a great room that could double as a boutique hotel lobby.
3. The kitchen includes a display of fake artichokes, the classiest of all the fake food displays.

4. The TV in the living room is playing Inception, one of the more high-minded action films of the last decade
5. The mirror above the staircase has a mirror on it.
6. There are multiple places inside and outside where bottles of fine wine and/or champagne are just sitting there waiting to be opened.
7. Wine cellar? Pfft. Try a wine barrel cellar cause you buy fancy wine in bulk.
8. Oh and a massive wine bottle cellar, too. Obviously.
9. You can only watch Wes Anderson movies in the theater room.
10. Dance studio next to your grotto with hot tub.
11. Water features. Water features everywhere.
12. Oh and there's an elevator in there somewhere. How else do you expect to move those wine barrels?