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Last Week's Biggest Sales: 1906 Capitol Hill Home for $2.14M

Listed for: $2.28M
Received: $2.14M
Size: 6-BR, 3.75-bath, 6,665 sf
Location: 957 22nd Ave E, Capitol Hill
The Skinny: This 1906-built Georgian Revival home looks spectacular and the price tag certainly reflects that. Lots of beautiful touches such as McCray refrigeration conversion, luxurious wine cellar and stained glass works. The sale has been a long time coming for the home, which has been on and off the market multiple times since 2006. May have been the staging or recent renovations that did the trick.

Listed for: $2M
Received: $2M
Size: 2-BR, 1.75-bath, 1,968 sf
Location: 1521 2nd Ave #2001, Downtown
The Skinny: Welcome to Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue, where Unit 2001 just sold. Don't get too used to it because no one seems to want to stick around too long. The 2,000 sf unit has now sold four times since 2009. It last sold $1.47M so this latest sale made a nice profit. No surprise that someone would want to pay $2M for that view.

Listed for: $1.795M
Received: $1.795M
Size: 3-BR, 3.25-bath, 3,880 sf
Location: 6027 Princeton Ave NE, Bryant
The Skinny: This sale actually includes two separate tax parcels & homes. The main house has an open layout, master suite, multiple fireplaces & built-in cabinetry, chef's kitchen while the guest House offers a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, open great-room & garage.