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Cornerspotter: Coal and Chickens in 1947

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Cornerspotter is the Curbed Seattle feature in which we show you a historical photo taken somewhere in the city and you identify the location. Impress fellow Curbed readers with your knowledge by leaving guesses in the comments or send them to our tipline: We'll post the answer on Friday. And hey: no cheating!

Image: Seattle Municipal Archives

By the time this corner's current occupant started construction in 2011, they were building on a longtime vacant lot — with very little news coverage acknowledging this fuel store, which sat here for over half a century. The photo is actually from a health department file from 1947, although their conflict appears to have been resolved, considering the store stayed open into the 1990s. (With the same owner, too!)

Most of this intersection is full of new construction — one mixed-use (but not especially beloved) building across the street opened its doors in 2004, and another project is currently underway. The fourth corner still houses some longtime community staples in a 1956 building.

Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd