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Keep Your Balance in This $2.4M Modern Kirkland Home

Your instincts might tell you to walk carefully through the cantilevered great room of this modern Kirkland home that just hit the market asking $2.38M. Don't worry, it's been built to hold (we think). If they built it as well as they've filled it with amenities, it shouldn't be an issue. The SieMatic kitchen is chocked full of Miele appliances atop Italian flooring. If you're looking for a hi-tech home, even the bathrooms comes upgraded here. You can control the entire home from your phone or just use one of the built-in iPads on each floor. The reflective ceiling with LED trim lighting turns something as simple as watching TV into a space age experience. And if the sky is clear, you can always head to the roof and watch actual space next to the firepit. This smart home is smart enough to know not every experience it offers has to be hi-tech.

· 6530 NE 129th [Estately]