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Cornerspotted: 22nd Ave E and E Madison Street

Yesterday, we asked you to guess of a coal supply store. Reader walker-d nailed this one, although without the cross street: 22nd Ave E and E Madison St, the current location of assisted-living facility Aegis on Madison.

Images: Seattle Municipal Archives, Google Maps Ed Johnson opened his fuel store in 1930, operating his business out of the 22nd and Madison location for all but the first few years. He kept the store open for around 60 years; in a 1983 Seattle Times feature on a changing Central District, Ed, then 86, was observed telling one of his regulars, "Everything here is old — Just look at me!"

This corner spent over a decade as a vacant lot — changing hands a few times — before Aegis started contstruction in 2011.
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Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd