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Own the County Landmark Dockton General Store For $475K

Open floor plans are rarely as open as this one. The Dockton General Store is for sale. Yes, it is a general store, but it is also a residence, and it's been a post office, and a hardware store, and a gas station, and it is a King County historical landmark. It has been all of those things because the building is amazingly versatile, and has been so for longer than almost any other well-maintained building on Maury Island. The listing calls out the normal stats, but history and versatility make this unique. Why be like every other 4 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom house asking $475,000 when it's possible to be so much more? Most houses don't have interpretive signs outside. If you haven't heard of Dockton, don't be surprised. It hasn't been busy there since before the Depression, and they like it that way. Inside is one large open space, and a few smaller alcoves separated by glass instead of light-blocking walls. It's arranged as a gallery now, but it also has a roomy kitchen, an office/studio, and a sitting area. They haven't mentioned gym in its history, but the wood floors and the lack of pillars mean your house could have a real gym, not some dark closet that is storage for mechanical contraptions.

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Written by Tom Trimbath