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Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix Park is Finally Getting Developed

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This year marks 45 years since Seattle's own Jimi Hendrix passed away. Finally, four years since it was initially announced, the park named in his honor will begin development into what it was expected to become. The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation announced last week that ERRG, Inc. and the City of Seattle are currently pursuing a contract to commence construction on Jimi Hendrix Park, located adjacent to the Northwest African American Museum. Work is expected to begin in April, with the opening of new park features projected for this fall. Phase 1 of park development includes a new stairway and grand entrance at the southeast corner of the park, paved pathways, a chronological timeline of Hendrix's life and career, rain infiltration gardens, a butterfly garden, and a performance plaza. "It is our hope that for generations, it will exist as more than an attraction or point of interest, but a place of homage to one of Seattle's own," says Janie L. Hendrix, Founder and Director of Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation.
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