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Bonafide Ranch Estate in Broadview Now Asking Under $3M

Horses need homes, too. Well, actually, they survived for generations living unsheltered in nature, but you might feel better giving them a bit more comfort. You might as well give yourself some comforts at the same time. Paradise Discovered is an estate within Seattle's city limits that lets you house both, as long as you have the $2,998,000 for the 9 bedroom, 9 bath, 5,186 square foot property that includes 2.3 acres. That's $500K less than the initial ask. The stable looks to have enough stalls for a small herd. There are more bedrooms than stalls, but maybe you can share. The horses may not get all of the 2.3 acres, but they'll get enough room to roam and graze. The house looks conventional for a manor house of an estate, until you notice the solar panels on the roof. Inside, instead of old English wood paneling, some of the walls have been turned into art with expressive murals that can't be ignored. There are also zebra striped floors, raw branched chandeliers, intricate tilework in the bath, and a moon-doored alcove destined for reading about hobbits. It's one of the few homes in Seattle where you can truly justify wearing your cowboy boots.

· 13535 Northsire Rd NW [Zillow]
· Olmsteds [SP]
Written by Tom Trimbath