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Why Buy One Fairy Tale Home When You Can Have Two?

The listing calls them fairy tale houses, and sure, if you swap out the shingled siding for gingerbread, replace the split-rail fence with candy canes, and glue it all together with frosting you'd be on to something. For $479,500 there is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,370 square foot house and a 640 square foot, 1 bedroom, 1 bath cottage on 0.37 acres. That's more than a third of an acre for less than a half million dollars within the Seattle City limits. That part sounds like the actual fairy tale. It looks like artists lived there because there's a studio on the top floor of the main house. There is artistry in the house. The fireplace was made by hand. That's impressive considering it is made of stone, not brick or tile. The basement has a work space that looks like it was built from reclaimed wood and windows The cottage, which isn't even on sewer but instead septic, could act as a refuge or a separate studio. Though, in the current housing market that is Seattle, the cottage could be a nice rental. Flip that. Live in the small house, rent out the big house, and cover a lot more of the monthly expenses.

· Two Fairy Tale Dream Homes [SeattleDreamHomes]
Written by Tom Trimbath