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Cornerspotted: 15th Avenue W and W Garfield Street

Yesterday, we asked you to guess the location of a pair of terrifying chipmunks. Superguesser walker-d was the first to get this, although props to recent transplant Neil Bergquist's also-correct answer: 15th Ave W and W Garfield St, right at the offramp of the Magnolia Bridge.

Before image: Seattle Municipal Archives Those chip-crazy chipmunks are no longer watching over the Magnolia Bridge offramp onto 15th Ave W, although most of the overpass is the same, for better or for worse. SDOT is waiting on funds to replace the crumbling connector to the tune of $262 million.

The structure, which KOMO once referred to as "technically a bridge," is one of three links from Magnolia to the rest of the city, along with similar overpasses on Emerson and Dravus.
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Written by Sarah Anne Lloyd