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$8.5M Yarrow Point Estate Lives Up to its Price Tag

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Yarrow Point is home to some stunning estates but it's not too often we see one asking $8.5M on the market. The 7-BR estate that just hit the market meets the visual criteria you'd expect to see for such an ask. It just looks like an $8.5M place, you know? There a bedroom, bathroom and fireplace for seven different people in the home with one bathroom leftover to haggle over. Both an indoor spa-pool and outdoor pool so your swimming isn't weather-dependant. A full-sized tennis court, cabana/gazebo, boat dock, fire pit and manicured landscape for maximum outdoor fun. Inside, stay fit through either the gym or the dance studio with ballet barre. There's even a tanning room if your workout doesn't feel complete without that. Above the four-car garage, an apartment and studio is perfect for in-laws and other guests. According to the real estate agent, it's "an estate in every sense of the word." Hard to argue.

· 3819 92nd Ave NE, Yarrow Point [Windermere]
· 'An estate in every sense of the word:' $8.5 million waterfront Yarrow Point manse listed for sale [PSBJ]