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Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Asking Price Makes 'Negative Creep' to $400K

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Despite the fact that it looks a whole lot better than when it initially hit the market back in September 2013, the Aberdeen home that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain grew up in has re-entered the market with a $100K price-chop, down to a $400K ask. Cobain lived in the home from the time he was two years old until his parents separated when he was nine, and later when he returned to live with his mom from age 16 to 20. His bedroom, which looks like a converted attic, still has Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin logos that he stenciled on the walls and holes from where he punched the walls as a teen. The listing described the 1,522 sf property as a "once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history," which is kinda-sorta true. We're surprised the town itself, which has finally recognized the value of it's prodigal son, isn't buying the home and turning it into a museum. Then again, maybe that's for the best.

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