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Edith Macefield House Officially Up on Open Market

Following an auction that yielded no offers, the Edith Macefield House is now officially on the open market. Listed by Paul Thomas, the infamous Ballard home does not have an asking price but with the potential it presents as a house, office, museum or as an addition to the Ballard Blocks retail complex surrounding it, we won't be surprised to find out there's a few takers in line. While the structure has fallen on hard times, there's still plenty to work with and it appears to be in better shape than it might look at first glance. According to Thomas, "only the roof and subfloor remain from the original house, everything else is new" inside the 1,550 sf. home. Written offers will be accepted until Monday, April 20th and all offers must include "a proposal illustrating how the buyer will honor and memorialize Edith Macefield." So even if they decide to raze the structure and start anew, Edith's story will at least live on in some form.

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