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Five Ways You Know This $6.5M Bellevue Estate is Luxurious

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A 5-BR Bellevue estate asking $6.45M just hit the market and naturally caught our eye. The 9,300 sf residence "is reminiscent of a classic Parisian estate" according to the broker babble. In laymen's terms, it's friggin' classy. How do we know this? Let us show you...

1. Do you need a place to sit? This place is so luxurious it has every option available for you and your buttocks.

2. Would you like an alcoholic or non-alcoholic fancy beverage?

3. Gender-specific master bath sinks, the most luxurious and antiquated way to brush your teeth.

4. Every shoe in Western Washington, coupled with a purse for every shade of color in a room with a giant papier-mâché Empire State Building. THAT IS VERY FANCY.

5. Just watching Casablanca makes a place 52% more luxurious. Fact. And before you ask, you can only watch black & white movies in this home.

· 1846 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Bellevue [Windermere]