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Stay Safe From Zombies or Humans in This $209K Castle

Have fun storming the castle! Or just buy it and move in. There's a castle for sale, and it's only $209,900. It has four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 2,546 square feet spread out over four floors. Castles aren't square, or at least their turrets aren't. Turrets are round, and this castle is more turret than keep, so the walls and the stairs are fitted to circles. A spiral staircase is natural. Crenelations on the roof are traditional. The 1.27 acres are mostly fenced, and there's a drawbridge across the moat. This may just be the perfect zombie-apocalypse refuge - or at least a place to pull out your D&D dice. The Society for Creative Anachronism may think this is a great venue for jousts and holding court. There's a bit of work involved, though. It looks like someone started living this dream, and then had to move on to something else. Your medieval skills may have to wait until you've exercised your sheetrock talent. · Society for Creative Anachronism [SCA]
· 91 Horizon Flat Rd, Winthrop [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath