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Put Your Stamp on This Postage Stamp-Sized $157K Condo

The Avalon in basically THE place to go in Queen Anne if you want to live in a space only slightly bigger than a garage. It's the home of Steve Sauer's famous subterranean 182 sf. apartment. While Unit 22 isn't quite that small, checking in at 380 sf, it's certainly snug enough to attract only a certain kind of micro-liver. Asking $157K, this studs-out remodel offers oak floors, granite countertops, stainless appliances, gas cooking, a walk-in closet, new paint, and enough room for a cozy bath. Doesn't look like the bed is a fold-up but we dig the brick accents in the "kitchen" and bathroom. A bit Spartan in it's make-up, that just makes it that much easier for you to add your own style.

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