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$560K Arroyo Mid-Century Blends Asian & American Styles

We live along the Pacific Rim so it makes sense to find homes that reflect Asian styles instead of European ones. Just after World War II, someone designed and built a blend of modern American with traditional Asian style. Only one owner means a steady influence on maintaining that fusion. This is much more than a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 1,720 square foot house asking $560,000. This is a piece of art that some won't care for, but that others will love. Shoji screens are simple, and change the character of a room without intruding. They soften light and sound, and can be rolled aside when you want a change. Add them as an accent to conventional walls and windows and they survive because something else is doing the hard work. The formal dining room has a different kind of screen, a Coromandel screen: lacquered, carved, and painted wood that is far more stout and ornate. The bones of the house are contemporary America, for 1954, with lofted ceilings, exposed beams, open spaces, and a built-in library that resides on a dais. There may be an appliance or two that could use some updating, but evidently it has all been working for a long time.

· 4008 SW Arroyo Ct [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath