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Redo That Seahawks Super Bowl Finale In Your Backyard

Seattle Seahawks fans are still wondering what could have been in the Super Bowl had the team's ill-fated interception at the one-yard-line played out differently. Instead of wondering, why not purchase the 3-BR home at 2515 Nob Hill Place N, invite twenty-one friends over, and re-enact the scenario in our backyard patio, which appears to be lined with a length of football field turf. It looks like you get a good ten yards out there so there's plant of room for Marshawn Lynch to work with, and by Marshawn Lynch, we mean you pretending to be Marshawn Lynch. As for the house itself, the classic brick Tudor seems to have received some updating along the way, though perhaps there's some more remodeling in its future, at least for the ceiling in that great room. It's almost as disturbing as the outcome of that Super Bowl. Almost...

· 2515 Nob Hill Place N [Windermere]