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Own the Mercer Island Mansion That Pictionary Built For $8.1M

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How you would draw an $8.1M Mercer Island mansion if you had to? The good news is, you don't. But considering the seller of the 6,350 sf waterfront home is Robert Angel, the founder of Pictionary, it wouldn't hurt your chances in a bidding war if you could. Angel bought the property for $960K in 1988 and completed construction of the massive mansion a year later. The "why didn't I think of that" game idea helped pay for a sprawling 5-BR estate that includes a gorgeous footed porcelain tub in the master suite, a home office with a view of Lake Washington, a green & blue tennis/basketball court combo and the requisite private dock. The broker babble says you can expect "passionate the pergola." What they leave out is that those passionate dialogues are probably over why your drawing of a frog looks absolutely nothing like a frog.

· 3535 W Mercer Wy, Mercer Island [Estately]
· Robert Angel [Wikipedia]