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'Is Ballard a City?': What People Google About Seattle

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Inspired by a recent Curbed NY exploration into what folks Google about when they're Googling about New York City, we decided to do the same kind of hard-hitting analysis about Seattle. So, we started typing a basic question about Seattle, it's neighborhoods and surrounding cities and then let the autocomplete function do the rest. What we learned was...everyone really, really wants to feel safe.

First up, Seattle, where everyone has their priorities in order. Yes we want to know if the water we drink is okay and whether or not we can walk down the street without getting mugged, but, most importantly, can we have the Sonics back already or what?

Digging deeper, we looked to Ballard where again people seem to place their ability to eat a good Cuban sandwich slightly above their ability to not get beaten up.

If we've learned anything about West Seattle's searches, it's that no one seems to know anything about West Seattle. At all.

As soon as the people asking "What is Pioneer Square" get their answer, we're guessing we know what their next question is...

Mercer Island appears to have stumped a lot of folks as well. At least no one's asking if Mercer Island is an island, as far as we can see...

"Is Bellevue in King County?" No respect, Bellevue. No respect at all...

Remember when we were surprised no one asked if Mercer Island is an island? They were apparently too bust asking about Bainbridge Island...

"Is Tacoma bad?" Bad at what, being a city? Are you asking is Tacoma is naughty?

Does anyone else have hilarious Google autocomplete results to share? Let us know in the comments.
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