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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Arnold Gangnes Home Doubles Asking Price, Pomeroy Penthouse Sold

Listed for: $880K
Received: $1.6M
Size: 4-BR, 2.25-bath, 2,940 sf
Location: 2101 22nd Ave E, Montlake
The Skinny: So we're not sure what the details are behind this sale but when we mentioned this mid-century modern home by Arnold Gangnes in mid-March, it was asking $880K. Now we see it's sold for almost double that! Clearly, someone thought pretty highly of this 1957 vintage gem. With four bedrooms and a lot of utilitarian space, there's potential to take this place to the next level, which is clearly something the buyer is willing to pay for.

Listed for: $1.799M
Received: $1.579M
Size: 1-BR, 1.5-bath, 2,666 sf
Location: 2319 1st Ave #804, Downtown
The Skinny: Remember the Pomeroy penthouse that seemed to look like it had been used as a strip club? Once asking $1.79M, it finally found a buyer at around $200K less than that. The the former home of "curious" businessman Arthur Eisenberg now has a chance for a fresh start, sans stripper poles we're guessing. It last sold for $1.36M in 2005.

Listed for: $1.395M
Received: $1.445M
Size: 5-BR, 4.25-bath, 3,470 sf
Location: 2602 36th Ave W, Magnolia
The Skinny: This pretty large estate-like home in Magnolia has been on and off the market a bunch of times since 2009. Bought for $1.55M in 2007, looks like the owners won't be walking away with the profit they were hoping for, even if they got more than they asked for on the latest re-list.