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$11M Madison Tower Penthouse Actually Two Units in One

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We don't get that many $11 million-dollar house listings in Seattle, let alone an $11 million-dollar condo one. So when one hits the market, as the 6,758 sf penthouse atop Madison Tower just did, all eyes turn towards it. Technically-speaking, we're talking about two penthouse units, Unit #2400 and Unit #2401, which would run you $4,995,000, and $5,995,000, respectively. But the offering gives you the opportunity to bundle them into one pricey package (don't forget the $6,702/mo. in HOA dues). Altogether you're looking at five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, seven fireplaces and seven separate decks, most of which give you THE view of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound. Because the building shares space with Hotel 1000, you're also privy to concierge & room service, valet parking, housekeeping and the requisite fitness studio & spa. Combined, you also get five parking spaces. We're not sure why you'd want to ever leave once you're here, but, at least it's an option.

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