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Renton's Evergreen Market is Taking Marijuana Retail Upscale

In almost a year we've seen folks in Washington go from "Oh my God, a retail marijuana store is opening!!!" to "Oh, another retail marijuana store is opening" pretty quickly. So it takes a little something to get our attention now when a new dispensary sets up shop. That's probably why the folks behind The Evergreen Market in Renton decided to step things up a bit. Renton's first retail cannabis store will open on April 18 and when it does it won't look like your stereotypical pot shop. Designed by a former Starbucks architect, the store features wood reclaimed from a 100-year-old barn in Lynden, WA, a wall and gate comprised of twisted willow, an eleven-foot "library" with samples and information as well as over 2,000 feet of space for customers to explore. Owner Cass Stewart, who previously ran The Apothecary on Capitol Hill, says he wants to put "the focus on the grower and celebrating the product in a way that respects the culture." The grand opening will take place from 10am until 6pm on Saturday and will include food trucks, live music, a live artist and special pricing.

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