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Classic 1914 Magnolia Home Gets a Modern Intervention

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Photography: Mark Woods
Photography: Mark Woods

When a Seattle family purchased this 1914 Craftsman located in Magnolia, they saw a lot of potential and went about restoring the home's original details while also making modern modifications to the traditional layout on the main floor. Influenced by time in Japan, they were looking for a clean and simple aesthetic. Enter SHED Architecture & Design, who made modifications to the main floor to create a feeling of continuity from the entryway to the backyard while remaining sympathetic to the structure's native form. They then manipulated and built upon existing geometry to subtly introduce a new kitchen, bath, laundry and outdoor space that compliment the home's original bay windows, angled walls and oak floors.

Upon entering the 1,870 home, the spaces unfold as originally designed, but now a connection through the linear hallway introduces the new kitchen and brings natural light through the home. The generous kitchen accommodates laundry space, informal dining, passage to the back yard, and acts as a center for social gatherings. The durable stainless steel counter with integral sink and white laminate plywood cabinets speak to the client's modern aesthetic leanings while the vertical grain fir pays tribute to the home's Pacific Northwest roots. The recessed shower bench with vertical window and continuous mirror add depth and light to the compact space without sacrificing privacy. The backyard was host to a protected outdoor space, but access was inconvenient and it lacked the sort of visual connection it deserved. Now a 'Genkan," a traditional Japanese entryway for the removal of shoes allows for easy movement between the kitchen and a new backyard deck that provides a platform for exterior dining and covers the existing crawl space stair with an integrated hatch.
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