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Put Your Pony on Your Boat in Your Backyard Lake For $749K

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Want to buy your own island but can't afford it? How about the inverse, buy your own lake. Own 100% of the waterfront of a lake in Tukwila. They're asking $749,000, which gets you a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house that has 3,240 square feet of living space for the humans; a lake for the fishes, ducks, geese, and aquatic critters; and some of what left of the 1.38 acres accommodates horses, or at least livestock. For the price of a townhouse in Fremont you get a mini-estate that's close to the airport, commuting, and highways. It may be a pocket of nature, but you'll have to check on whether it's quiet or not.

Lock everyone out. There's a gate for that. Go far enough off the back of the property and find the highway, which means there's probably a fence back there, too. The lot may only be 1.38 acres, but there isn't much risk of anyone building all the way around the property line. Most of the property that isn't house, or lake, or pasture is forested. The trees make a nice backdrop, and acoustical buffer.

Inside the 1967 house, the kitchen, fireplaces, cabinetry, and lighting fixtures look like retro homages to the Mad Men era. Everything is so clean it looks like a museum exhibit, right down to the mini-tv in the bathroom (probably not staying), the pool table (probably not staying), and the tile flooring (probably staying.) Upgrades have happened. That microwave isn't period, and some of the light fixtures are more current than Nixon.

To pamper the people, there's a hot tub, an indoor hot tub; so you don't have to deal with getting wet on your way to your soak. Another touch that may be more modern is a significant amount of storage, that could run the length of the long house. On the practical side, the parking for the RV is also the roof of a shop, or more storage. A deck also runs the full length of the back of the house, a place for a long line of deck chairs facing your bit of the world.

It makes sense that a lot of attention has been paid to the lake. Benches, a platform (check the depth before diving or not), and seating areas mean a lot of room for parties or a lot of room to enjoy not being crowded. And, if you had a pony, would you ride it on your boat? Here's a place you could actually try.
· 4406 S 156th St [SDH]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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